Michel Couvreur Whisky Masterclass with Jean-Arnaud Frantzen at Lotus Barangaroo


12.00pm | Saturday 1st June 2024
$149pp (plus 1.75% card processing fee)

Ticket includes 5 whisky tastings and matching dishes


Lotus Barangaroo

8/9 Wulugul Walk, Barangaroo NSW 2000

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Experience an engaging whisky masterclass led by master blender Jean-Arnaud Frantzen at Lotus Barangaroo, immersing yourself in the captivating world of Michel Couvreur whiskies.

With a wealth of experience and a longstanding connection to Michel Couvreur, Jean-Arnaud Frantzen has travelled from France to join us for this Masterclass. It is a great honour to have him guide us through this event, showcasing his expertise and passion for the craft.

The Masterclass includes a tasting of 5 whiskies from the Michel Couvreur range paired with thoughtfully curated selection of dishes from our menu. This tasting masterclass caters to whisky enthusiasts, distillers, and bartenders alike, providing the perfect opportunity to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Michel Couvreur range. Expand your knowledge and savour a rewarding, enjoyable experience as you explore the exquisite offerings of Michel Couvreur whiskies alongside like-minded enthusiasts.

Pairing Menu


Michel Couvreur Whisky the Unique 44% – Served chilled


Paired with
Lobster, Scallop, Prawn and Squid Ink Dumplings
Steamed Pork Wontons


Michel Couvreur Whisky Intravaganza 50%
Michel Couvreur Whisky Overaged 43%

Paired with
BBQ Duck with Mandarin Pancakes and five spice hoisin sauce

Michel Couvreur Unexpected II French Whisky Single Malt 50%
Michel Couvreur Whisky Blossoming 45%

Paired with
Master Stock Crispy Pork, with Thai style caramel, apple, and mint
Wok fried black Angus beef fillet with broccolini, baby corn and truffle oil
Steamed Asian greens

About Michel Couvreur Whiskies

Michel Couvreur had a unique perspective on whisky: it’s not just about origin or craftsmanship, but about its transformation in oak casks. Couvreur began his journey as a winemaker, which eventually took him to Scotland to promote his wines. There, he discovered a passion for whisky production. Upon returning to Burgundy, France, he established his own cellar. Remaining true to the Scottish tradition, Couvreur meticulously matures his whiskies in rare, aged Sherry casks. This process demands extensive barrel aging, tasting, and vigilant monitoring to unlock the hidden complexities of the old wines within the casks. According to Couvreur, this meticulous approach is one of the reasons why their whiskies hold such appeal for wine enthusiasts. Michel Couvreur’s whisky lineup boasts a diverse selection, ranging from youthful spirits to blended and 12-year-old single malts, and exclusive single casks such as the legendary Very Sherried, aged for over 25 years. Unfortunately, Michel passed away in August 2013, but lucky for us, he shared many of his secrets with his long-time employee and son-in-law, Jean-Arnaud Frantzen. He is now entrusted to carry on the legacy of the true “Last of the Mohicans” of artisanal Scotch whisky and here with us all the way from France for this Whiskey Masterclass, the very own Michel Couvreur’s Master Blender. Can’t get any better than this!



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